Think Global Graphic Novel Workshop

Here in Dahareez, we pride ourselves in being great advocates of spreading a culture of art and creativity, as this could not be more apparent in our partnership with TGS—Think Global School. This initiative was born out of a mutual sentiment of instilling the spirit of creativity in the young and upcoming generations. An intensive workshop on Writing and Illustrating Graphic Novels began on 27/10/2018 lasting till 4/12/2018 in which all participants from age 16 to 18 tested their creative ability in a supportive and collaborative environment; the end result is something we are proud of indeed.


The Graphic Novel Course, 2018

Customized Art Workshops, 2019 



Alila Jabal Akhdhar

Art is derived from nature and the surroundings of the artist. So, it is no surprise that we would, as artists, seek sceneries, artifacts, and people that could inspire our next work of art. Here, in Oman, there is no shortage of inspiration, which is why our wayward steps led us to Jabal Al Akhdar; a place like no other. It was our mission, with the sponsorship of Alila Jabal Akhdar Hotel, to experience the land in all what it has to offer from people’s history and folklore, to the unique flora and fauna that could be found all over the majestic mountain. A journey that span a whole year gave us all we needed, and more, to produce an amalgamation of enchanting illustrations accompanied by an engaging narrative.


Alila Jabal Akhdar Picture Book


Royal Opera House Muscat

The Royal Opera House: a temple dedicated to hosting local and global artists that are intent on expressing their creativity in all forms; such was our experience.  Our scope of work has always been versatile, as is the nature of artists. Thus, we were commissioned to participate in an artistic endeavor; to provide life and color to a play through professional illustrations. It was an exciting challenge like no other, as time was short and expectations were high. Yet, despite all adversities, we succeeded in our task by providing a satisfying visual experience.

Stage Illustrations

Art Workshop