The Singing Creature

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Following the initiative lead by the Education and Outreach Department in the Royal Opera House to spread art and music to the local community, an opportunity presented itself in the form of (The Singing Creature); an event that consists of three workshops with three different groups. The participants were child-parent duos of which the kids designed their own character, drew the character’s magical instrument, wrote and discussed imaginative stories about the magical creature and its instrument, and then told it in front of everybody with confidence and pride; the parents provided support without delegating—to prevent the stifling of creativity. The audience responded with countenances of amazement and jubilation.

(Photo credit: Khalid Al Busaidi)

The following are snippets of those children’s work:

When the creature played the instrument, all the trees in the forest grew.

When the evil creature played the instrument, all the animals froze. So, one day, they decided to break the instrument.

When the animals wanted to sleep, the creature played its magical instrument.

And so on went the stories …

It is simply amazing what kids are capable of creating by using their abundantly vivid imagination.

Here are some pictures from the event...

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